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Destin Florida

sunsetDestin, Florida has long been one of our favorite places to visit along the Gulf of Mexico. The cool clear water and warm sun just seem to put you in a state of relaxation like nowhere else can. As great as this town is, it is only experienced by a small percent of people on the east coast. This site is being created to share the Emerald Coast with the world. Our purpose is to be the authority on all things relating to Destin, Florida providing our readers with all the resources they need to optimize their vacation to the tenth degree. This information has been carefully organized into 10 categories making it easy for you to access anything you could possibly want to know about this great beach town. If it’s in Destin, we’ve covered it here. There is no other online guide for the Emerald Coast that is as comprehensive as

Our reviews include a short synopsis of the establishment, what you’ll find there, how to contact, hours of operations, any other pertinent information, and many times prices and rates.

Vacation Rentals

In this category, you will find a full write up each condominium, hotel, motel, and other various vacation rentals in the area such as town homes, villas, and beach houses. We have done our research to offer you the most accurate information on each and every property. If you are looking for a pet-friendly rental, search our site for “pets.” If you are looking for a hotel close by to boat slip rentals, search our site for “marina.” And all of our reviews are kept up-to-date, as we cross check everything by contacting the properties via email and telephone, and we keep our site current with their websites.

We offer information on cheaper rentals, as well as very expensive rentals, from small beach motels, to high-rise, Gulf-front condominiums. Don’t book another vacation rental without first checking We offer the most realistic description of just about every unit in the city.


The only thing that is just as important as where you stay while on vacation is where you eat while on vacation. When asked, “Where should we go for dinner?” you will be well informed with an educated answer. Find the perfect restaurant to suit the tastes and moods of everyone in your party. Every restaurant in the city has been reviewed here on this site and approved by the restaurant owners. Within each review you will find the atmosphere of the establishment, the type of food served with a few selections from the menu, what else they have to offer (i.e. live music, souvenir shop, beachfront tables, etc.). We’ve also included hours of operation and contact info. Find out about daily specials, what to wear, and anything else you would need to know before going to a new restaurant in this category.

Things to Do

While this is a very broad category, it houses everything that doesn’t fall into any other specific categories. For instance, if you are looking for things to do with the family, there are museums, water parks, scooter rentals, water sports, and a number of other miscellaneous activities that you may have never even thought of. Within each review, you’ll get information like hours of operation, rates, what to bring, what to wear, where to find your activity, and much more. Like all the other reviews on this site, reviews in this category are updated frequently. We’ve called and emailed all of these establishments and asked all the questions for you. Whether you are looking for family-friendly fun or crazy thrills, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Things to Do category.

Fishing Charters

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You would not believe how many independent fishing charters there are in this town alone, and without our reviews of each and every one of them, you might not know where to begin to choose one. We’ve contacted every captain from most all of the fishing charters in Destin, and they are pleased with our reviews of their services. Again, we make sure to update everything continuously, so that you never get old information. Our reviews are written to explain the differences between the individual fishing charters, in order to ensure that every fishing trip is the perfect fishing trip. While we recommend all fishing charters on this site, not every fishing charter is right for every fisher. In our reviews, you’ll find information on personality types of captains, what to bring on your trip, how long you’ll be out at sea, rates, the types of fish you should expect to catch, whether or not a boat has a restroom and shower, and so much more. We cover the things you won’t think of.

Golf Courses

Destin is home to some of the nicest golf courses in the south. There are several world-renowned golf courses in the panhandle area, which makes for a perfect climate to play golf pretty much any time of year. The Gulf Coast is a golfer’s paradise, from golf courses to full golf and beach resorts, many of which are award winning courses. No need to do any research. It’s already been done and everything you need to know can be found in these reviews, so you can choose the course that best suits your needs before you even arrive.

If you’ve never golfed amidst the cool Gulf breeze, then you are in for great golfing experience. If you have been fortunate enough to enjoy golfing on the Emerald Coast, then you know just how nice it is to tee off in the ocean air. You won’t be disappointed with any of the golf courses we’ve reviewed, and you now have all of the information you’ll need to set up your next golfing trip in Destin, Florida.


Who needs Rodeo Drive? Destin shopping offers some of the best shops, boutiques, discounts, and deals on the east coast. From small boutiques that sell one-of-a-kind styles to outlet stores, if you love to shop, you’ll really love shopping in Destin, Florida. Most shopaholics travel to the Gulf Coast just to shop, or at least schedule one or two days while on vacation for shopping only. Our shopping aficionados have carefully reviewed all of the shopping opportunities in the area, so all you have to do is create the perfect shopping itinerary that suits your tastes. Whether you are looking for the hottest new clothing items from the biggest name brands in fashion or the most unique souvenirs and gifts, you will find plenty to spend your cash while on vacation.

This is an area that has grown immensely over the past few years and with new condominiums and restaurants comes more strip malls, shopping malls, and specialty stores to accommodate all of the tourists who come and go throughout the year. And if you’re like most shoppers, you love deals and discounts, which you will find in many of the shopping outlets in Destin, beginning with the Silver Sands Factory Outlet Mall and spanning all the way to the privately owned beachside gift shops situated along the coast.

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What’s a vacation without a spa day? Destin has a very nice array of spas offering all the treatments you are accustomed to at your home town spa, as well as new and unique treatments that you may not have ever heard of. Situated on the beach with a variety of local resources, many spas in the area do feature rare services that are unique to the Gulf Coast region. We have located all the respectable spas worthy of mention and reviewed them here, so whatever service you are looking for, whether it’s a beachside massage, a seawater facial, a new hair style, or a simple manicure or pedicure, browse through our frequently updated spa reviews, and find exactly what you’re looking for, complete with pricing samples, location, and contact information. Treating yourself to a day at the spa is the perfect alternative to accompanying your mate on that not so girly deep sea fishing trip he’s wanting to schedule. The first floating spa (on a boat) in Destin, the  Destin Float Spa is now booking introductory rates for our visitors!


Many families choose to spend their vacation in a tent or camper rather than a hotel or condo. This type of alternative retreat is completely doable. Among the beautiful wildlife and natural areas of Florida’s Gulf Coast are an abundance of state parks, camping, and RV parks that each offer their own unique features. Within our reviews of these establishments, you’ll find all the features of each, so that you can find a camping spot or RV park that meets your specific vacationing needs. Perhaps you want a park that has a bathhouse, or maybe you want to be right on the beach with convenient beach access, or maybe you need hook ups for your RV. Whatever your needs are, you can find the perfect spot by reading through our camping reviews. We’ve done all the research for you, so don’t fret! Your perfect beach camping trip is right at your fingertips. We keep our info up-to-date, so you won’t arrive at your destination only to find out that it’s closed for the season.


SAM_5052While most Destin vacationers are families, there’s a place for singles and parents with babysitters here as well. From local beach bars that stay open late to full on clubs, this beach town has it all. And you can browse through them all in one place right here on this website. You won’t miss anything if you read our reviews. The Gulf of Mexico can get pretty wild once all the kiddos go to bed. If you are looking for a great place to take your corporate friends, the perfect place for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or just someplace to hang out, we’ve located these hot spots for you and offer information on cover charge, dress code, and even the type of crowds you’ll find.

Looking for a trendy place to have a cocktail after dinner? You’ll find it here. Or perhaps you want a beachside bar with a local feel. Don’t waste your time barhopping (unless that’s your bag)—you can find exactly what you’re looking on this site.


You may not realize how handy this section of our website can come in, but if you are travelling with an infant or toddler, just wait until you fly in and realize you didn’t bring a car seat. Or you pull into your condo and realize you didn’t bring the pack and play. This is just one of example of a type of service you may require while on vacation. We have reviews of such businesses that actually rent these items out to parents who have simply forgotten to pack a dire necessity or maybe they’d rather rent it once they arrive than have to travel with it. Or perhaps you are planning a destination wedding in Destin. You may need a wedding planner or some entertainment for your reception. These types of services may be easy to find, but you won’t find the level of information and research invested anywhere else. All up-to-date, our reviews make it easy on you, so you can do less thinking and more vacationing.

If you find yourself in need of one of the many services we’ve located for you, you’ll appreciate it all being in the same place when you really need it. Our reviews will help guide you to the best companies to suit your needs and include rate samples as well as contact info, so you can locate what you need quickly and effortlessly. We have made contact with many of the businesses on our site and do our best to keep our info up to date. If you should ever find an inaccuracy, we sincerely apologize and would like to hear about it, so we can revise it ASAP. We’d love to hear suggestions as well, and if you’re a business in or around the panhandle, send us an email at If you aren’t here already, we’d love to add you to our catalog!

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